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  2. Forward Apparel Company


    Forward Apparel Company is a group of professionals
    leveraging global sourcing networks to provide
    high quality products and services to our customers.
    We are a member of the Hong Kong based Fung Group.

    Company Profileas of January 2019

    Company Name
    Forward Apparel Company
    Forward Apparel Trading Corporation (FAC-T)
    11F, Osaki MT Bldg. 5-9-11 Kitashinagawa, Shinagwa-ku, Tokyo 141-0001 Japan
    TEL : +81-3-5423-6335 FAX : +81-3-5423-6375 (FAC-T)
    URL : http://www.ssddw.cn
    Osaka Branch
    8F-15, Toshiba Osaka Bldg. 4-2-12 Honmachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka 541-0053 Japan
    TEL : +81-6-7178-0450  FAX : +81-6-7178-0451
    JPY 1.5 billion (FAC-T)
    Forward Apparel Trading Limited 100%
    Chairman  Victor Fung
    President&CEO  Godwin Lam
    Director  Makoto Yasuda
    Director  Brian Lee
    Director  Martin Angus
    Auditor  Jacinte See
    Fiscal Year End
    Business Lines
    Planning, Manufacturing, Import, Export and Wholesale of Apparels (knit, cut & sew and woven products), Textile and Hard Goods
    Group Companies
    Forward Apparel Trading Limited
    Forward Apparel Trading Services Limited
    Forward Apparel Holdings Limited
    Forward Apparel Trading Services (Shanghai)Co.,Ltd.
    Forward Apparel Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
    Bank Relationships
    MUFG Bank, Ltd. (Shibuya-Meijidori Branch)
    HSBC Co., Ltd. (Tokyo Branch)
    Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (Shibuya Branch)


    The Fung Group is a multinational group of companies based in Asia, whose core businesses are engaged in Trading, Logistics, Distribution and Retailing. The Fung Group employs 39,900 men and women across 40 economies worldwide, with total revenue over US$22.5 billion in 2016.

    Forward Apparel Company is a member of the Fung Group and manages the global supply chain – from sourcing to delivery – all done by leveraging our extensive sourcing networks, striving to always provide high quality products and services that exceed our customers’ expectations.

    Forward Apparel Trading Corporation (former Kanematsu Textile Corporation) has been renamed from Kanematsu Textile Corporation as of December 19, 2014. Kanematsu Textile Corporation originated as part of Kanematsu Goshou, a trading company that started in 1889 as the first company to launch wool trading businesses with Australia. In 1999, it was spun off from Kanematsu Goshou and was named Kanematsu Textile Corporation, specializing in apparel and textile businesses. In 2007, we joined the Fung Group and have continued to strive to provide a broad range of services from textile trading and general sourcing services to brand distribution and licensing.

    Fusajiro Kanematsu founded 豪州貿易兼松房治郎商店, predecessor of Kanematsu Goshou, in Kobe
    Opened Sydney Branch and began wool import business from Australia
    Spun off from Kanematsu Goshou and renamed as Kanematsu Textile Corporation
    Joined the Fung Group
    Fenix Internatinal Co., Ltd. joined the Fung Group
    Renamed Forward Apparel Trading Corporation. Fenix International was renamed Forward Apparel Limited Corporation
    Sold textile and material business of Forward Apparel Trading Corporation to Kaneyo Co., Ltd.
    Sold all shares of Forward Apparel Limited Corporation to Ant Capital Partners Co., Ltd.